“What Is Your Greatest Weakness?” New Method

A brand-new manner of responding “what is your greatest weakness?” (recommended!)

Step 1: offer a real weak point, but with a few tips …

Once they ask “what is your greatest weakness?”. I suggest that you be honest and give a sincere reaction to the human resources. They’ll value in case you do everything effectively …

Which means you have to recall some matters and avoid some prospective deadfall.

First, do not proportion something like a weak spot about how you figure with others or the way it pertains to management. Problems to receive advice or education? The question to speak? The challenge to discussions and disagreements? It’s far higher to pick out a one-of-a-kind weakness to take part!

In fact, to play even extra accurately, I suggest which you pick something that depends on the capacity, not in a personal manner. This will keep you clean.

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While you choose something based entirely on competencies, you want them to be suitable to your job, but not the primary objective of the work you’re applying for. if you’re going to grow to be an accountant, do not say that your weak spot is operating with numbers or being particular.

However, you may say that your weakness is a selected form of tool or software or an entire location of bills that you haven’t been operating with these days. You can have studied at school however you haven’t had the opportunity to apply it because then, and you may need time to improve.

Again, make sure to pick out something that isn’t always the primary focus of the process! In case you are interviewing an accounting challenge that makes use of a particular tool every day, it is not an awesome weak point to name!

Step 2: communicate concerning what you’re doing to mitigate its results.

After giving a real weak spot, both you need to expose how to mitigate it or how to make sure it does not affect your general productivity. perhaps you are improving fast within the place, maybe you have got discovered a way to avoid this with other gear/capabilities (but remember the fact that you also are willing to analyse in this place, if vital to work!)

Passive Aggression

In this article, I’m gonna talk to you about passive aggression in the workplace.

How do you deal with those passive aggressive coworkers?

It’s a very common behavior. And also something we can call an unhealthy habit.

You see, it’s one of the things that you can just ignore sometimes.

But slowly, it gets worse. And when it gets worse, it can kill your productivity.

Now, basically, passive aggression is when you can’t express your anger upfront.

But, you show it in less obvious ways.

Okay, so, what are these less obvious ways, what are the red flags?

I can tell you, based from my experience, there’s a lot.

Passive aggressive coworkers are usually like this,

They have this habit of avoiding interaction. They wait too long before replying to your emails. Or they ignore it altogether.

But if you ask them, if you confront them about it, they’ll say everything’s fine.

If you’re leading a project, they might avoid tasks. They might ignore directions from you.

And usually, these people, you’d either find them gossiping or complaining.

Okay, so anyway, why is passive aggression so common in the workplace?

Well, it’s not just because some people are non-confrontational.

You see, in most workplaces, you’re expected to professional. That’s a given.

But sometimes this makes it hard for people to express themselves.

Especially when hierarchy is in the picture.

You see, it’s great if your office has an open-communication policy,

But if you work in a very formal setup that doesn’t really encourage feedback,

Then you might get this impression that showing negative feelings is unacceptable.  Especially if it’s towards your manager or someone in the authority.

Or, if it’s towards a coworker, that it just makes you look unprofessional.

And then, here’s another thing,

These days, it’s just so easy to be passive aggressive when you have email, when you have all these messaging apps you use at work.

I think, in one way or another, we’ve all been guilty.

We’ve all been passive aggressive at work even once.

And sometimes, it’s also because the workplace inevitably encourages it.

So anyway, how do you deal with this?

First of all, here’s the one thing you should remember here,

This situation, it’s not one of those times when you should call out bad behavior.

It’s not one of those times when you fight fire with fire.

It’s better to take the high road than to give them a reason to blame you.

And besides, you can’t really get someone fired for being passive aggressive.

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Anyway, let’s move on.

One thing you can do is to make them accountable. And not just to you, but to the team.

For example, your manager asked you to lead a project with the team, then you notice one of your teammates has this habit.

He just doesn’t follow though.

Let’s say he agreed to discuss his ideas in the next team meeting.

Then on the day of the meeting, he’s just clueless. And he has all these reasons why he’s not prepared.

So, for example, the same thing goes on for three weeks straight. You’ll just never finish that project!

Here’s what you can do, it’s pretty simple.

In meetings, see to it that someone’s taking notes. It could be you, or another team member.

Write down what was agreed on. Who’s doing what. When’s the deadline.

This way, you can help the team be more productive.

And you’ll make the passive aggressive coworker accountable to all.

Alright, so, the next thing you can do is this,

When you’re talking to this passive aggressive coworker,

You can pick better words to use.

For example, instead of saying “you”, you could say “we.”

That way it sounds more productive and less personal.

Instead of saying “You need to do better at this..”,

You could say, “Hey, we have a few things we can work on..”

See what I mean? It takes ego out of the conversation.

Now, another important thing you can consider here is this. Empathy.

Try to see what’s behind the passive aggressive behavior.

It could be because they’re just afraid of confrontation.

Or maybe you come off as too intimidating and you just don’t know it.

You see, most of the time there’s a bigger issue.

You can do it this way,

Try to engage them. Try to relate.

Focus on what they’re saying and not how they say it.

Sometimes, a passive aggressive coworker just can’t speak out,

It could be because of hierarchy. Or office culture.

Just try to hear them out.

Okay, but what if it gets too far?

Just like with workplace bullying, here’s the time when you get help.

Usually, your manager can help your team set boundaries.

If coworkers are just missing deadlines deliberately,

Then your manager can stop giving them leeway,

Work out new rules that everyone has to follow.

So, there will always be passive aggressive coworkers. The good news is, you don’t need to fight them off. It’s just gonna take a proactive approach. It’s gonna take open communication.

Alright, so, that’s it.

Bullying In The Workplace: Red Flags

How do you know if you are being targeted by workplace bullies? There is a fine line between abusive behavior and just plain annoyance. The one thing to remember about bullying is that is persistent. It is repetitive. It targets you personally and it affects your performance and your mindset. Let’s now look at some of the red flags. Find out if you’re being bullied by these predators in the workplace.

Denying opportunities and discouraging participation

One form or one of examples of workplace bullying is not allowing access to projects and opportunities. It’s wrong when your boss or coworker stops you from participating in projects and seizing opportunities for no apparent reason. The reason they are doing this is because they want to stop you from achieving your full potential. They probably dislike your personality. It’s also possible that they are threatened by your talent. There could be many other reasons. But take note that when you are not allowed to try out for opportunities, then it’s a clear sign of unfair treatment.

Being a “gatekeeper”

Gatekeepers are the kind of bullies who always stand in your way. They always say no to your ideas. They always want things to be done their way. If you make suggestions, they are quick to dismiss it. In other words, they just do not listen to you. They do not listen to your ideas and suggestions. This is a form of abusive behavior because the bully is deliberately imposing limitations to your performance without a valid reason.

Refusing to give training or feedback

It is very questionable when your boss refuses to give you training or feedback. You might think that your boss is doing this because you’re perfectly fine on your own. This is wrong. It is the responsibility of your boss to provide useful training or feedback. Why? Because it’s going to help you improve. And when you improve, you become more capable of giving value to the company. But if your boss denies you that growth, then it only means that he or she is not interested in helping you grow and learn. This is another form of unfair treatment.


Gossiping is harmful, and it creates a toxic environment for you. You see, gossiping is a dirty tactic done by people who are either annoyed or threatened by you. Working in an office where gossip is prevalent feels very unhealthy. How are you supposed to collaborate and interact with people who spread lies about you? It can be very discouraging. You will easily feel disrespected because of these personal attacks.

If you experience any of these, then it is best to consider your plan of action. You can either resolve this formally or informally. A formal resolution may be possible if your employer has a policy that can protect you. It is also possible if your manager or supervisor can be impartial. However, it does not always work. Sometimes, you need to handle it informally by staying professional and strengthening your network in the office. If it goes out of control, you always have the option to end ties with the company.

Today Is A New Day!

“Be an opener of doors”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Fashion does not have to prove that it is serious. It is the proof that intelligent frivolity can be something creative and positive”
― Karl Lagerfeld

“The backbone of success is…hard work, determination, good planning, and perserverence.”
― Mia Hamm

“Perfection’ is man’s ultimate illusion. It simply doesn’t exist in the universe…. If you are a perfectionist, you are guaranteed to be a loser in whatever you do.”
― David D. Burns

“Live your vision and demand your success.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Your dream is a reality that is waiting for you to materialize. Today is a new day! Don’t let your history interfere with your destiny! Learn from your past so that it can empower your present and propel you to greatness”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“While intent is the seed of manifestation, action is the water that nourishes the seed. Your actions must reflect your goals in order to achieve true success.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Interrupt your thoughts of “I should”, with your action of doing.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“You are beautiful. Your beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Moods can be contagious. Don’t catch or spread a bad mood.”
― Marilyn Suttle

“Free yourself from the complexities of your life! A life of simplicity and happiness awaits you.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
― Albert Einstein

“For some unknown reason, success usually occurs in private, while failure occurs in
full view.”
― Jill Shalvis, The Sweetest Thing

“What do you think will be more effective when it comes to succeeding, believing you can or KNOWING you will? Let today be the last day you took timid steps of belief and start taking confident steps of purpose-driven knowing!”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

“That one must do some work seriously and must be independent and not merely amuse oneself in life—this our mother has told us always, but never that science was the only career worth following.”
― Irène Joliot-Curie

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anyway.”
― Lady Gaga

“Success is not defined by status, money, education, career or another person but rather by the level of peace that I have within myself.”
― Liza Lugo

“You perception of a person, place, or thing may not be accurate. Just because it looks good does not mean it is good and vice versa. Always be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the people, places, and things around you. Don’t allow your misperception to put you in an uncomfortable situation.”
― Amaka Imani Nkosazana

“I realised early on that being an author is a hugely misunderstood job.”
― Sara Sheridan

“Doing his utmost, deploying all his energy, a young man setting out from zero can wind up after ten years somewhere below where he started.”
― Honoré de Balzac, The Human Comedy: Selected Stories

“In the 1950s at least less was expected of women. Now we’re supposed to build a career, build a home, be the supermum that every child deserves, the perfect wife, meet the demands of elderly parents, and still stay sane.”
― Sara Sheridan

“If you don’t have the right support form the right people you are always going to be the best choice and not the preferred choice.”
― Richmond Akhigbe

“To be a manager, one must be able to manage her own relationship with the people around her, as well as the relationships among her subordinates. Just being perfect in paperwork and operations does not make one a good manager.”
― Sophie L. Rose

Face Those Obstacles And Overcome Them

“There are going to be times when you learn more about the world you’re entering and feel defeated when you see the gap between the ideal and the reality… But that’s something we’ll all face. The people that face those obstacles and overcome them are people whose dreams come true.”
― Tsugumi Ohba, Bakuman, Volume 3: Debut and Impatience

“I believe that you’re great, that there’s something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you think you might be, the moment you begin to think properly, there’s something that is within you, there’s power within you, that’s greater than the world. It will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence, if you let it. Now, that is what I know for sure.”
― Michael Bernard Beckwith

“You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them.”
― Albert Camus

“I dreamt — marvellous error! — that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.”
― Antonio Machado

“Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, “Make me feel important.” Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”
― Mary Kay Ash

“According to the moral absolutism that characterizes McCandless’s beliefs, a challenge in which a successful outcome is assured isn’t a challenge at all.”
― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

“We may place blame, give reasons, and even have excuses; but in the end, it is an act of cowardice to not follow your dreams.”
― Steve Maraboli

“Failure is a greater teacher than success”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

Don’t Go Through Life With A Closed Mind

“Do what you love but do what it takes to do what you love.”
― Todd Stocker, Refined: Turning Pain Into Purpose

“Thinking about work as a day job has made a big difference in the way I approach what I do. It also helped me not to confuse who I am with what I do.”
― Bob Goff, Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

“Heaven knows where I’ll end up – it’s a safe bet I’ll never be at the top of anything! Nor do I particularly care to be.”
― H.P. Lovecraft

“Don’t go through life with a closed mind. Allow innovations and creativity to flow. We should always challenge ourselves to excel in more ways than one. Be open to ideas or suggestions on how to improve. And, the chances of reaching your goals will increase enormously.”
― Amaka Imani Nkosazana

“When my father was 17, he went to Montreal and found these submarine sandwich shops that were really successful, and weren’t in Toronto [his home town]. So he went to my grandparents and said: “Look, you have to give me the seed money to open up one of these places. We’ll make a fortune. They’ve got lines going round the block. There’s nothing like that here.” And my grandfather’s response was: “Look, I’m sure these sandwiches are really good, and if we scraped the money together we could make a lot of money and your mother and I would be really proud of you, but you need to find something that has *magic* in it for you.”

It was off of that conversation that my father went to college on a music scholarship, started a film club and became one of the most successful directors of all time.”
― Jason Reitman

“A decision is only as strong as the belief standing behind it”
― Isaiah Hankel, Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create a Powerful Purpose for Their Lives

“A career in the arts can make anyone crazy.”
― Christopher Bram, Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America

When The Actions Becomes Frequent Than The Words

“Diligence is the mother of good fortune.”
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

“Stop lying to yourself. When we deny our own truth, we deny our own potential.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Success is a poor teacher”
― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom

“Change is in the air. This change reminds us that we are made and beautifully sculpted by the same power that orchestrates the change of season. Let this be the season you embrace and align yourself with this change.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“…If there is no risk, there is no reward.”
― Christy Raedeke, The Daykeeper’s Grimoire

“Participate in your own dreams, don’t just say what you want or complain about what you don’t have.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.”
― Criss Jami, Healology

“The difference between greed and ambition is a greedy person desires things he isn’t prepared to work for.”
― Habeeb Akande

“Success … seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”
― Conrad Hilton

“When you establish a destination by defining what you want, then take physical action by making choices that move you towards that destination, the possibility for success is limitless and arrival at the destination is inevitable.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Chanel is an institution, and you have to treat an institution like a whore – and then you get something out of her”
― Karl Lagerfeld

“When the actions becomes frequent than the words, success becomes heavier than the dreams. Do more, say less.”
― Israelmore Ayivor

“Know you will win and you will win!”
― Stephen Richards

“Do not sabotage your new relationship with your last relationship’s poison.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

It Will Not Always Be Easy

“What’s your avocado?”
― Stacie Zinn Roberts, How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams

“In the search for happiness, However, We r all equal; None of us is Happy – Not the Banker/Actors/Actresses/Politician/Housewife/Model/Doctor and so on.”
― Avinash Advani

“Your manager wants to believe that you enjoy your job, or at least you won’t spit in her coffee when she looks away. At the office, attitude counts for a lot.”
― Terri Tierney Clark, Learn, Work, Lead- Things Your Mentor Won’t Tell You

“Maslow did not make two different pyramids, one for men and one for women. He did not differentiate in identifying what men want and what women want.”
― Shahla Khan, Friends With Benefits: Rethinking Friendship, Dating & Violence

“Helping others fulfill their dreams seems like an easy way to keep from living your own.”
― Cerella Sechrist, Gentle Persuasion

“She don’t only believe in Shoes & cars…. She do believe in Super Star. That’s the kind of girl you need bro, the girl that will believe in you & support your career.”
― GoalsRider

“I wonder if the highlighter was highlight of the career for the person who invented it?”
― Ryan Lilly

“And uh, forget the money. Because, if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life wasting your time. You will be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is, in order to do things you don’t like doing, which is stupid. Better to have a short life that is full of things you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.”
― Allan Watts

“It will not always be easy, but it will always be beautiful.”
― Charlotte Eriksson

“If your story is not inspiring you, it’s time to change it.”
― Isaiah Hankel, Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create a Powerful Purpose for Their Lives

“In working-class France, when an apprentice got hurt, or when he got tired, the experienced workers said “It is the trade entering his body.”
― Annie Dillard, The Writing Life

How You Measure Success

“At any given moment the choice to be happy is present- we just have to choose to be happy.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Stop allowing your day-to-day life to be clouded by busy nothingness.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Constantly stopping to explain oneself may expand into a frustrating burden for the rare individual, so ceasing to do so is like finally dropping the weights and sprinting towards his goals. Those who insincerely misunderstand, who intentionally distort the motives of a pure-intentioned individual, then, no longer have the opportunity to block his path; instead, they are the ones left to stand on the sidelines shouting frustratedly in the wind of his trail.”
― Criss Jami, Killosophy

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. So start each day by thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for. Your future will depend very largely on the thoughts you think today. So think thoughts of hope and confidence and love and success.”
― Dale Carnegie

“How many people you bless is how you measure success”
― Rick Ross

“Then what is good? The obsessive interest in human affairs, plus a certain amount of compassion and moral conviction, that first made the experience of living something that must be translated into pigment or music or bodily movement or poetry or prose or anything that’s dynamic and expressivee–that’s what’s good for you if you’re at all serious in your aims. William Saroyan wrote a great play on this theme, that purity of heart is the one success worth having. “In the time of your life–live!” That time is short and it doesn’t return again. It is slipping away while I write this and while you read it, the monosyllable of the clock is Loss, loss, loss, unless you devote your heart to its opposition.”
― Tennessee Williams

“Happiness simply cannot be relied upon as a measure of success.”
― John C. Maxwell, Your Road Map for Success: You Can Get There from Here