Being Hired – The Right Approach

Interviewers often come up with some of the most baffling questions which can be too difficult to understand. This is why in such cases, you need to understand clearly as to what would be an apt answer for them so that you can handle the challenges and ace them too.

Here, we are going to focus on one such question which has to be why we should hire you. Think from the perspective of the interviewer, what is his motive behind asking this question. Why does he ask you this question? There are a few reasons and let us see what they are.

  • He wants to see the kind of credibility you have in your application
  • He wants to know the skills you deem fit for the job
  • He is looking to analyze your positivity and optimism
  • He is trying to cheek how spontaneous you are

These are some of the things which the interviewer is likely to check. So, when you are framing a reply, you should try and touch all these points. Doing this will ensure that you will be able to give a complete reply. Let us see the approach you should use. You can also check this cool training as it has some of the most important tips which we believe can be handy for you.

Wear your confidence

It is important to be confident in your approach. If you stutter and stammer while answering it and your hiring manager can sense your nervousness and anxiety, it is only going to make matters difficult for you.

You need to stay confident and list the different reasons which make you a good fit. Of course, there are a lot of points that you can list. Remember, being hired or fired is not the start or the end of the world. There will be various opportunities that will come along but of course, you should try and seize this one. So, give in your best without worrying what the results will be like. This approach in itself will give you the right kind of confidence to deal with the different questions.

The next thing you need to do is concentrate on your application rather than comparing yourself ought others. You do not really know how qualified applicants have come for the interview. So, your answer should merely focus on what you can bring to the table, how your inclusion to the firm can benefit it and most importantly, focus on your desire to be a long-term hire.

The long-term hire factor

No company wants to hire someone who is simply looking for a quick pay cheque before settling for something else. This is why you should make it a point to emphasize on your desire to stick to the same firm in the long run. Do not just make false promises but you truly need to sound convincing. If you had a lot of shuffling of jobs in your past, try to steer away from this factor because the interviewers already know too much to be duped so easily.

These are some of the ways by which you can handle this question. Of course, there are a lot more tips which you can use. Basically, the more you prepare, the better you will be to handle the question. However, one thing which we want to add here is that you should ideally judge the situation, the nature of your interviewer, the temperament, what he would like to hear and make dynamic changes to your prepared answer. This is because, in the end, it is all about your presence of mind.